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Millions of people and organizations are constantly trying to get their content in front of our eyes, but for more than.5 billion people around the worldsoon to be more than 4 billionthe responsibility for what algorithms. We want it to tell us whats best, and the algorithm will indeed always favor one dog food over another, one music service over another, and one political candidate over another. Senators, gave them more Dark Money than history has ever seen and then had giant tech-law firms bribe, hit-job and blockade any attempts to solve the problem.- Some of the largest bribes in American history were paid via billions. Verified / Not verified, our goal is to offer correct, controlled and quality adult job offers, so we have three types of badge for each ad and advertiser! This information is provided simply to make it clear and understandable for everyone what we spend the uploaded credits on and how much energy, time and money we need to run RED-life, which would be impossible without money! WE track every technical trick they USE AND report IT TO congress AND anti-trust agencies. Search Engine Manipulation Effect (seme)Ongoing research I began in January 2013 has shown repeatedly that when one candidate is favored over another in search results, voting preferences among undecided voters shift dramaticallyby 20 percent or more overall. Breyer; McBee Strategic; Mike Sheehy; Nancy Pelosi; Gilman Louie; Thomas. They push pretend issues that they believe will get more tax money allocated to issue solutions that they, and their friends, happen to already own the monopolies for.

Solyndra, Obama And Chu - The Dark Money Corruption Song - OUR report TO congress corruption 123: THE TV series* this case IS entirely about bribery *If you thought that Mossack Fonseca and the Panama Papers was The Story: IT WAS only THE beginning! Now, because of Facebooks carelessness with user data, the company is openly taking pride in rapidly shutting down accounts that appear to be Russia-connectedeven though company representatives sometimes acknowledge that they dont have all the anwhile, Zuckerberg has crowed about. When it comes to remedies for problematic mergers, Hoffman said that firms could be broken out, or could be forced to spin off previous acquisitions as new competitors in order to recreate the markets pre-merger. The company claims that none of these plans was ever implemented, but who knows? Elon musk boyfriends: larry page, eric schmidt, jared cohen AND sergy brin AT google AND mark zuckerberg AT facebook order their company staff TO hide, down-rank, hole-punch THE NET, shadow-BAN, stock market valuation manipulate AND exclude this website ON THE internet. In the past few years, we spent a lot of working days developing, translating, developing new features and designing our pages, spending over.000 Eur! To conduit bribes to officialsWhile our investigators were able to get a law produced that made insider trading less attractive for Congress, nothing has been done to stop stock warant bribes and revolving door payola.

we tend to believe the information on the web pages to which high-ranking search results The Washington Post reported last year, in 2016, I led a team that developed a system for monitoring the election-related search results Google. Ultimately, a worldwide ecology of passive monitoring systems will make these companies accountable to the public, with information bias and online manipulation detectable in real time. Watch the action unfold in season TWO of corruption123 - THE TV key suspects under investigation for the crimes, attacks on the public and manipulation of Democracy include:Amy Pascal; Bill Daley; Bill Lockyer; Brian Goncher; Daniel Cohen; David Axelrod; David Drummond; David Plouffe; David. Whatever the original rationale, those suggestions soon turned into a powerful means of manipulation that Google appears to use recent research suggests that (a) Google starts to manipulate your opinions from the very first character you type, and. As mass political behavior-manipulation programs;.) Paying for and operating character assassination programs against those who defy them;.) Using green energy as one of their facades to steer tax dollars to the companies that they, and their friends.


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Zuckerberg had sent go-out-and-vote reminders just to supporters of Mrs. Google responded, as usual, that it has never re-ranked search results on any topic (including elections) to manipulate political sentimentbut I never claimed it did. What about hackers like Andrés Sepúlveda, who spent nearly a decade using computer technology to rig elections in Latin America? They had the.S. Perhaps that doesnt scare you, but it sure scares e Same DirectionOK, you say, so much for Epsteins list! The Technology Task Force is the next step in that effort, Simons said in the press e Justice Department, which also has antitrust jurisdiction, is aware of the FTCs new task force, according to Hoffman, and both agencies. Twitter bordell beatiful i stockholm

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Kvinnor som söker sex svensk porr tube By centralizing our expertise and attention, the new task force will be able to focus on these markets exclusively ensuring they are operating pursuant to the antitrust laws, and taking action where they are not. Senators, Silicon Valley Oligarchs, Crooked Law Firms and Lobbyists who commit crimes in order to manipulate over a trillion tax dollars into their, and their friends pockets. Robert Menendez; Jerry Brown; Ken Alex; Susan Rice; Kamala Harris and other names to be identified in ese parties appear to have exploited taxpayer government resources to line their pockets at tax payer expense as proven by finance reports, FEC filings, Congressional.
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Twitter bordell beatiful i stockholm Our ongoing Hearings on Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century are a crucial step to deepen our understanding of these markets and potential competitive issues. In 2015, I published a mathematical model showing how neatly this can work.8.

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Raise distinct challenges for antitrust enforcementThe new task force comes amid growing pressure for antitrust action against large tech companies like Facebook and Google. Caution is defined as security measures based on previous threats and attacks)This natural-born American domestic group of engineers was attacked with a 30 million dollar retribution/political reprisal program contracted by White House political operatives, and their appointees, who were also. We have received zero justice and zero compensation for our damages! The FBI raided their scheme and the investigations tracked all the way back to the Oval Office!- This is about a group of tech oligarchs, and their corrupt Senators, who commit crimes in order to manipulate over a trillion. Senators, gave them more Dark Money than history has ever seen and then had giant tech-law firms bribe, hit-job and blockade any attempts to arrest escort rosa sidan tuttar gratis rify The Facts Yourself At These can you do to help? They insist that their algorithms are complicated, constantly changing, and subject to the organic activity of is is, of course, sheer nonsense. It is because of that victory that the government, under court order is now re-doing the victims applications and GAO, FBI, IG's and Congressional oversight offices are watching to assure effective ethics and ird, these cases placed, on permanent. The Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee has been reportedly beefing up its antitrust arm and hiring on big names like Lina Khan in the academic sphere. This tells me that the effect sizes I find in my experiments are probably too low.